About Us

The Creative Group has a great heritage in providing high-quality education for future generations since 20 years in all walks of life.

After the remarkable success of Creative School, the group has launched Creative Girls College to provide educational opportunities for girls in the community. Because of its distinctive advantages, Creative Girls College serves as a link between secondary education and higher education.

Many students are denied access to quality education due to the lack of such facilities in India. Creative Girls College will fill this void by providing high-quality education and allowing students to receive a reliable and authentic degree, certificate/diploma to continue their career.

In addition to academic excellence, we want to promote critical thinking through extra-curricular activities and offer students the desire to become great learners. To maximize their potential, we offer students a standardized curriculum with well-structured extracurricular activities, such as textbooks, seminars, symposia, debates, book clubs, field trips, sports competitions and many other innovative initiatives.