Creative Sports Academy

The Creative Girls College offers a talent development program designed to help its students become the best athlete possible. We introduce many sports activities that help you grow mentally and as well as physically.

  • Table Tennis: Various tournaments are conducted to entertain students and develop their mind skills.
  • Carom & Chess: The Carom and Chess event is held on annual basis.
  • Martial Arts: Fighting tournaments are arranged for the students who are active in sports.
  • Cricket: There is a proper cricket ground for students, and there is dedicated coach to train them accordingly.
  • Football: A football ground is there for the interested students along with the facility of the coach.
  • Basket Ball: There is a proper basketball court for students and a dedicated coach to train them.
  • Athletics: Many facilities are given to students to enhance their athletic capabilities.
  • Badminton: There is a badminton court and a dedicated coach for students.
  • Creative Discipline & Culture School: Moral ethics, civic service knowledge and cultural values are introduced to make students good citizens as well.
  • Co-curricular & Personality Development: Proper counseling of students is conducted on regular basis in this program to ensure that the students are under safe guidance and stable environment.